About us

With nearly 20 years, LF Group has already developed into a diversified corporation focusing in Painting, Ink, Building Materials, Adhesives, Composite Materials, Electronic Components,  and Photoelectric materials. LF Group dedicates to solving various problems such as product development and applications, and provides diverse products and services for customers around the world with special chemical materials, the principle of sustainable development.

LF Group headquarters is located in Shenzhen High-tech Center, with a total of 15 branches and 16 offices in China, which marketing in Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and East China, South China, North China and southwest. LF could provides high stand services in addition to the agent of world-renowned brands and other 4 production bases and 7 logistics center.

In 2013, for a better overrall strategic layout, LF Group invested 0.18 Bn RMB for Jiangxi Lihua Tec Industry Center in Guangchang Town, Guangxi Province, which would be used in first quarter of 2016 and output could reach 55000T.

The Chemical Material Department focus on chemical sector, including acrylic resin, unsaturated polyester, amino resin, polyurethane resin and hundreds other products, widely applying to woodware, household appliance, packaging material, automobile, coil, civil construction, encapsulation perfusion and other industries. The electronic Material Department focus on high-end industry material, electronic material and fine chemical region covering various crystal product, industrial & electronical adhesive and tape, widely applying to industrial & food packaging, electronic, automobile, printing, wind power generation and other region. The Building Material Department focus on promoting building material additive and adhesive made by Ashland Inc of United States mainly apply to dry mortar industry, including RDP, MC, defoaming  agent, starch ether and air-entraining agent. The adhesive includes solvent-free glue, pressure sensitive adhesive and structural adhesive, applying to soft packaging, electronic label, medical supplies and automobile region. Meanwhile we are exclusive agent of southern China region of Ashland Inc.

LF Group has always uphold faith like “ Customer is King” and is committed to be the best partner with actions like providing the latest information, the best products, the best service and the corresponding raw materials to meet the needs.


LF Group adheres to green development and humane care. While promoting to economic growth, we are committed to environmental protection at the same time. The conviction of people, earth and value will be the long term strategic for LF's future development.

Corporate philosophy

Management Principle

The principle of company’s development is for “Human, Earth and Value” which is to create value for human, earth and client till mutual benefit.


Corporate Spirit:

Change, learn, communicate, enrich and improve


Corporate Values:

The core value is elite which about education, selection, respective and to play the greatest potential.


Chairman Speech


All Leader Formula man work very hard to making fines and making a group of like-minded friends. With the new development of era, we will make persistent effort to glory ourselves. At the same time, I give my sincere respect to friends who care and support us.


Main Products

Chemical Material Department focus on thousands of things, which is used for timber, household appliance, auto, coil, civil construction, package and etc, in chemical industry, like Ink resin, acrylic resin, saturated polyester, amino resin, polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, LED cooling, packaging resin, epoxy curing agent, epoxy diluent.

Electronic Material Department focus on a variety of high- end industry, electronic materials, fine chemical industry which includes of crystal high-end products, industrial and electronic adhesive, industrial, electronic tape, widely used in various fields of industry, electronics, automotive, printing, such as wind power;

Building Material Department as sole distributor, focus on promotion of Ashland Inc. production of building material additive, used in dry mortar industry, redispersible latex powder (RDP), cellulose (MC),  foaming agent,  starch ether and air entraining agent.

Ink Coating Industry

With 20 years of development, the Ink Coating Industry has become pillar of LF Group, like a ship carrying the group to secure the vast sea.

We corporate with some of the world's Top-500 Enterprise, as ASHLANDARKEMADOWDSMDICOLIN and so on, but also corporate with WANHUA, NISSIN, CCP etc ,which are famous in Asia. We are serving resolutions with our good productions and best services, and focusing on the paint, ink, adhesives market and promotion.

We are also working with the world's leading manufacturers of professional chemical materials, such as KUSUMOTO, KING, etc., to use their expertise in the field of additives, to solve the practical problems currently facing, and the sustainable principle throughout the field.

Building Material Industry


Building Material Department cooperate with Ashland, arkema, which are the world's leading supplier of chemical raw materials . We focus on promoting building materials additives and Arkema coating resin in the Southern China area as the only Chinese additive dealer.

Adhesive products are used in flexible packaging, tag, medical supplies and automotive related industries, including Solvent Free Glue Purelam (6000/60506000/6080), Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Aroset (951001, 951002, 951003 and so on) and the Structure Rubber.

Our building materials additives products have a re dispersible latex powder (RDP), cellulose ether (MC), the consumer foam agent, starch ether and air entrained agent what mainly used in dry mortar industry, ceramic tile adhesive, gypsum, plaster mortar, grout, external thermal insulation system and self leveling.

We get a variety of productions : CELOCOR® opaque polymer,  Coatex® with high Taizeng thickening agent, dispersing agent, high Thailand water system EnVia® certification of ENCOR® series emulsion etc..

We also provide  a variety of technical platform for customers who can choose according to their own specific requirements. Our goal is to optimize the performance, value and sustainability of the production for the customer, and to provide a competitive advantage for the customer's product line.

Composite Material Industry

The Composite Material Department is committed to the cause of the composite epoxy resin and additives in the professional sector industry, CCL industry, carbon fiber glass fiber industry, heavy-duty glue industry, composite material industry, PCB printing ink industry and other related applications. We provide customers with the overall solution as well as special projects with.

Our main products include: OLIN epoxy resin and waterborne epoxy products, OLIN epoxy curing agent, OLIN epoxy and polyurethane composite materials, CCP epoxy resin, KING epoxy catalyst, Wanhua IPDA, DIC epoxy resin and waterborne epoxy products, DIC pavement products, and all kinds of glue, glass fiber prepreg, carbon fiber prepreg. By the way, we have got the agency ability for the productions above.

We make strict management in the sales process, to provide first-class technical services, to provide customers with a full range of services and quality products.

Electronic Materials Industry

Electronic Materials Department provides electronic materials for International Companies, like LG Chemical, Hankel, Max, Film, Fiti Power, also provides a complete solution for the basic industry, mobile phone, tablet and PC display industry.

At present, we provide customers with OCA, ITO, FILM, ACF,, silver paste, liquid glue, IC and other professional electronic materials for the TSP industry, provide functional IC, structural adhesive materials, etc. for basic industry, mobile phone and other electronic assembly industry.

We will be committed to the integration of the electronic industry's material supply resources, to provide customers with a full range of services and technical support.


Corporate Vision

We insist that:

Adhere to green development, adhere to humane care, and adhere to promote the highest quality products;

Believe that:

Develop with clients, realize the greatest potential for every one;

Hope that:

create a excellent trade platform specialized in chemical material business.